About us

AMR Security CC. was founded with vision. We provide professional protection services to the North-West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Northern Cape and Gauteng provinces; covering all areas within the respective provinces.

Our organization consists of high caliber personnel with the highest level of qualifications, experience and commitment in the security industry.

We are currently growing into a very dynamic, competitive company and our future is looking exceptionally promising.

The market is also looking very favorable and our pricing is of the best in the market.

We are very competitive in the market when it comes to our client service, which includes dedicated after-sale support and remarkable work ethic.

Our Objectives

Creating jobs for our local communities, consequently empowering the local economic development.

Contributing towards the community policing, by enforcing the law and order within our local communities in which we will be operating and combating crime.


Our technical authors (writers) are specialists experienced in the production of product support documentation written to a wide variety of military and commercial specifications.

The production of technical manuals is often left to engineers, programmers, and designers. This results in manuals that miss the skill level and capabilities of the intended audience – leading to frustration on the part of the end-user and poor support and implementation of the product.

At Sigma, our technical writers are technically qualified people who have the capabilities to turn raw source material into cost-effective manuals that accurately and safely support your product.

Our writers analyse data and source information to create logical, usable, end-user targeted material that adequately addresses health and safety and the defined levels of maintenance. We have experience with a wide variety of commercial and military specifications or can tailor one to meet your specific needs.

We have experience in all of the current software packages such as Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, and MS-Word.

From commencement to final product, there is on-going liaison with the client to ensure that well-written, well-illustrated, user targeted manuals are the end product. Final output can be on paper, on screen or both.

Whether your requirement is for operator manuals, maintenance manuals, spare parts manuals, training manuals or a customised solution; we have the personnel, the skills, and the experience to help you.


We pride ourselves in the standard and quality of our uniforms, ensuring through daily inspections by managers and supervisors that this high standard is upheld. The uniforms may differ, depending on which site the guard is stationed and the type of service delivered to the client.

Corporate Wear

  • Short or long sleeve shirt
  • Navy trousers
  • Black canvas boots
  • Webb belt
  • Shoulder flasher
  • Combat jacket


In order to provide optimum, efficient and effective service, AMR Security has established a strong motivated and
pro-active management structure. Each member of the management team has a strong security background.

Our supervisors are also required to visit our sites on a daily basis. Their competence are of such nature that they could
represent any manager in the unlikely situation of a manager being unavailable. In fact, we at AMR view our supervisors
as managers-in-training.

Communication Strategies

Our recipe for success is very simple: The employee’s our clients see and interact with daily, are also the directors. There is no intermediary. We are currently big enough to handle any kind of work-related problem and as previously mentioned, the managers are all personally involved in solving all problems our company is confronted with.