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Boomgate access

High-torque boom pole operation.
The SECTOR's DC motor and reduction gearbox generate enough torque to make sure that your boom goes up and down forever and ever. Come sunshine, rain or howling winds, you'll always be able to get in and out.

Safe sensitivity for boom pole lowering.
Your boom won't go BOOM on top of a visitor's car. The SECTOR will detect any obstruction, so you're safe - and won't have to fill in any of those pesky insurance forms.

Robust, durable and slimline operator casing.
Our slim SECTOR looks particularly fetching - and epoxy-coating, in a highly visible 'traffic yellow', keeps it safe from drivers with terrible eyesight. Available with different levels of corrosion protection for inland, coastal plains, and marine environments.

When size matters.
Whether closing off an entrance from as narrow as three meters to as wide as six metres, there is a SECTOR model to suit. Fit the optional jack-knife and your SECTOR traffic barrier can even be fitted in areas with limited headroom.

Comprehensive input and output.
With our intuitive, user-friendly LCD interface, setting up the SECTOR is not just simple - it's child's play. Set the SECTOR to handle any vehicle access control application with the touch of a button. To make things even easier, our state of the art motor controller not only ensures smooth and reliable operation, it allows you to set your boom's opening and closing speed to your liking.

Operate wirelessly, thanks to CENTURION.
Besides its code-hopping technology offering the highest level remote control security, this CENTURION onboard receiver is both multichannel and multi-user, allowing a multi-button remote to operate any combination of the system inputs, such as Barrier Raise, Barrier Lower, etc. It stores up to 500 transmitter buttons, and amongst other access control features, it provides the ability to selectively add and delete transmitter buttons saved into its memory.


Battery backup.
With our 12V battery driven motor, your security is never compromised. The CENTURION SECTOR will continue to stay on, even when the power is off - beating up and down 3000 times during a 24 hour power failure before it needs a recharge. If you're expecting no power for a while, the built-in mains failure detection can be set to keep the barrier raised under power failure conditions.

Lots of vehicles coming in and out? You need something that goes up and down. Fast!

The SECTOR high-volume industrial traffic barrier gives you the ultimate in traffic control. Powered by a beefy custom-built DC motor and gearbox, the CENTURION SECTOR can raise up to a three meter boom pole in a blistering 1.2 seconds.

Operating slightly slower, the SECTOR will effortlessly raise up to a six meter pole smoothly and reliably.

The SECTOR lives fast, but it most certainly doesn't die young. Designed for tough, high-volume traffic control, it will work all day, it will work all night - lasting millions of cycles

Add full battery backup, and the SECTOR is always at your service!

Main features

Rapid opening.
Lots of vehicles coming in and out? You need something that goes up and down. Fast! The SECTOR is ideal for high-volume traffic control applications and puts a manically ticking metronome to shame - raising a three meter pole in under 1.2 seconds and lowering it just as quickly.

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Roadway spikes for high security access control.

Give your traffic barrier CLAWS - an effective deterrent for high-volume traffic control. Designed to provide a compelling reason for would-be criminals to reconsider their approach; CLAWS are constructed to take a beating but never miss a bit of their own.

CLAWS are available in four different configurations. These can be generally divided into two types of categories: Flush Mount models for installations that are flush with the roadway surface, and Surface Mount models for installations that are mounted above the roadway surface.

The Flush Mount models are ideal for installations that require seamless traffic control for smooth-flowing traffic, whereas the Surface Mount models are mounted above the general surface of the roadway and create a traffic calming bump, slowing traffic for a safer access control point.

Both the Flush Mount and Surface Mount models are available in either Direct Drive which utilizes the SECTOR barrier's drive mechanism, or Independent Drive models which have their own drive mechanism and controllers

Main Features

  • Standard modular system ensures good stock continuity

  • Modular construction allows components to be transported and installed with ease

  • Adds high security to traffic barrier access controlled entrances and exits

  • Robust construction built to withstand impacts from vehicles

  • High-torque DC motor for greater reliability and responsive operation

  • Selective High Security and Safety Modes

  • Reliable battery backup ensuring continued service even when the lights go out

  • Easy to maintain saving you time and money

  • Traffic Yellow colored spikes for high visibility and increased safety

  • Four different configurations to ensure a model for just about any application

  • All moving parts are removable for easy maintenance

  • External limit switches provide a failsafe operation

  • Indirect Drive models can operate independently of traffic barrier units

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You can enjoy all the amazing features and functionality of our flagship sliding gate operator – intuitive setup, visual diagnostics, advanced timer functionality – even if you don’t have mains power at your gate! Simply connect a transformer to this incredibly cost-effective model’s included rectifier, and enjoy the freedom of fully DIY gate automation! No expensive high-voltage cable runs, no costly isolators, no sweat!

Main Features

  • You'll save on installation costs
    We want to bring quality, reliable gate automation to the world – mains or no mains! The D5-Evo Low-Voltage requires only a 15-19V AC input, so you’ll save a bundle on cabling costs! Plus, because it’s a low-voltage installation, there’s no need to fit costly and unsightly isolators.

  • A breeze to commission
    Whether you’re a sparky, an engineer or just a homeowner wanting to get the ultimate in security and convenience, the D5-Evo Low-Voltage makes commissioning easy. Just connect your step-down transformer to the rectifier included with the kit and watch the feature-rich and intuitive controller spring to life.

  • Battery backup
    We pioneered power failure protection in gate motors. So in line with all our other operators, the D5-Evo sliding gate motor carries on guarding your entrance even when the lights go out.

  • All important speed
    The original D5 made a mark for itself being a quick operator opening the gate swiftly when you arrive at your entrance. The D5-Evo is now that little bit faster, opening your average four metre gate in less than 12 seconds, adding even more security and convenience.

  • Open it the way you like it
    Rapid opening but a more tempered closing just in case a loved one is in the way, that's the sort of sophistication in motor control you can expect from the D5-Evo. Added to this, you can vary the acceleration and deceleration of your gate and make it move so smoothly, it will do so for many years to come.

  • Pushes like a mule
    Such a compact package but such a potent push force, it will reliably move almost any gate weighing up to 500kg for a very long time.

  • Wide awake all the time!
    Incorporating the tried and tested DOSS position control system of its predecessors, the D3 and D5, the CENTURION D5-Evo moves accurately open and closed, stopping in just the right spot each and every time. It's also wide awake to any obstruction that might cross its path, ensuring safe and sensitive anti-crushing protection.

  • It will turn heads
    The D5-Evo takes on a new and more attractive look compared to the original D5. It's nice to know that even your trusty gate guard will turn heads.

  • Plug and play
    The LCD-based controller makes child's play of setting up the gate. It is literally plug and play - the D5-Evo's controller does all the thinking for you.

  • It's got it all
    What a pleasure to click through an almost endless list of really useful features - from multiple Modes of Operation, Gate operating parameters, Pillar Light control with pre-flash, Alarm functions, Positive Close Mode and Real Time Clock and Calendar to enable time-based features - to helpful diagnostic feedback. It just stops short of making the coffee!

  • Forever yours
    We know that this compact companion will serve you well - year, after year, after year. So just like all other CENTURION products, your beautiful D5-Evo gate motor also comes with an industry-leading 24 month warranty for added peace of mind.

  • Alarm features (a world first)
    Burglars have some nifty techniques to get into your home. Fortunately, criminals can't outsmart the CENTURION D5-Evo. An Ambush Alarm will alert your security company if the opening or closing beams are interrupted for a predefined, but adjustable, time. Similarly, a Break-in Alarm will go off if the closing beam outside your house is interrupted. Their gig is up!

  • Operate wirelessly, thanks to CENTURION
    Besides its code-hopping technology offering the highest level remote control security, this multichannel and multi-user CENTURION onboard receiver allows for a multi-button remote to operate any combination of the system inputs such as Gate trigger, Pedestrian opening, Holiday Lockout, etc. It stores up to 500 transmitter buttons, and amongst other access control features, it provides the ability to selectively add and delete transmitter buttons saved into its memory.

  • ChronoGuard timer technology (a world first)
    The D5-Evo is so advanced that it no longer needs humans to look after it. With CENTURION's ChronoGuard timer technology onboard, many of the D5-Evo's features can be set to operate automatically or be time-barred at any time you choose. It's built-in Real Time Clock and Calendar allows you to set up different exclusions, which can cater for public holidays, special Time-periods, etc.